The Classic | Smart Watercolor

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Containing 42 ultra vibrant watercolor paints, this painting set is just what your inner artist needs to bring painted creations to life.
In addition to an assortment of paints, our kit also includes a paintbrush pen, a built-in mixing palette and a detachable sponge.
Mix, meld and blend the paints to create custom shades!
Highlighted by a slim profile and an ergonomic fold-up design, our palette is packable, easy to carry and travel-friendly.
Fold it up and take it with you to the studio or art class.
A great choice for artists who enjoy painting outdoor landscapes at the beach, at the park, in the garden or while on a picnic.
Formulated with top grade pigments, our watercolors deliver impressive vibrancy with every stroke of the brush.
Smooth, quick to dry, fade-proof and resistant to bleeding, these paints render hues that are bold, rich in color and pure.
The result is professional quality finishes similar to those showcased in art galleries and studios.
42 Assorted Vibrant Colors
Beautify your life with wonder by means of watercolor!
Featuring extra bright tones, more muted earthy shades and everything in between, our portable paint palette comprehensively covers the entire spectrum.
Equipped with a unique snap lock system, the palette securely contains components to prevent them shifting about and sliding around.