Containing 42 ultra vibrant watercolor paints, this painting set is just what your inner artist needs to bring painted creations to life.

In addition to an assortment of paints, our kit also includes a paintbrush pen, a built-in mixing palette and a detachable sponge.

Mix, meld and blend the paints to create custom shades!



Highlighted by a slim profile and an ergonomic fold-up design, our palette is packable, easy to carry and travel-friendly.

Fold it up and take it with you to the studio or art class.

A great choice for artists who enjoy painting outdoor landscapes at the beach, at the park, in the garden or while on a picnic.



Formulated with top grade pigments, our watercolors deliver impressive vibrancy with every stroke of the brush.

Smooth, quick to dry, fade-proof and resistant to bleeding, these paints render hues that are bold, rich in color and pure.

The result is professional quality finishes similar to those showcased in art galleries and studios.

42 Assorted Vibrant Colors

42 Assorted Vibrant Colors

Beautify your life with wonder by means of watercolor!

Featuring extra bright tones, more muted earthy shades and everything in between, our portable paint palette comprehensively covers the entire spectrum.

Equipped with a unique snap lock system, the palette securely contains components to prevent them shifting about and sliding around.

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Your satisfaction is important to us. We offer our customer 60-days money back guarantee because we truly believe in our product quality.

If you are not happy with our product, notify us after receiving your item within 60 days so that we will do our best to make you happy. Just send the item back to us and you will receive your money back. 



What countries do you deliver to?
We ship to these countries: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

How long will it take for the product to arrive?

After the payment, we will take 3-4 days to prepare your item for shipping.

When the item is ready to be shipped, most of our items will arrive within 6-12 days.


What is the sponge for?

Sponge can be used to wet paper in preparation for washes or to remove water when you're preparing paper to be stretched. Also, when using Smart brush pen, sponge is a good accessory to control excess water and to clean the brush.

How do you put water in brush?

You unscrew the top. Fill the pen with water. Recap. The cap screws/unscrew the opposite direction. 

Is there a colorist besides numbers for each pallet?

Set doesn't include a color list, but there is a picture on the product listing page with color names, you can refer to it a couple of times. 

Do you need more than one brush? How do you use different colors with one brush?

You can use just one water brush that comes with the set. It's really easy to use different colors with this brush as you don't need a separate container of water to do so, that's perfect for sketching on location! When you need to change the color, clean your water brush by squeezing water through the chamber while wiping off the brush tip on the detachable sponge until the water comes out clear, then use another color.

Do you know if the watercolor are "Artist" grade or student grade?

These watercolors are primarily targeted for the students, but they also work well for the artists. The paints have high pigment concentration, dry quickly and the colors remain vivid.

Are these watercolors good for layering?

Most colors in the set are great for glazing and layering as they are completely transparent, only the yellowish colors are slightly more opaque. The paint doesn't have any fillers, binders or chalky finish when the paint dries. 


Can you replace the colors when they are used up?

Updated September 2019: We are working on providing a replaceable ink to our beloved customer. Due to high cost to mold the single ink without the case, we need to change the design of the watercolor. Thus, new portable watercolor design coming up as a NEW ARRIVAL on 1st January 2021. It will be completely reusable and environmently friendly. Stay tune everyone! Subscribe to our website to be notified.